How Does Expaat Work?

At Expaat, we simplify the process of finding the right freelancers for your project. Our team presents you with the top five talents who are best suited to join your team, selected and vetted by our experts. Say goodbye to lengthy searches and excessive fees. Let us help you find the perfect fit and take your business to the next level.



Tell us about your project and the Expert you need

What is the nature of your project? What specific skills do you need?. Give us more information about your specific requirements. We want to provide exactly what you need. Whether you need one or ten freelancers to handle your project, they will be provided in no time.


We’ll find you the best candidate(s)

Our matching team will select the best candidates for your project from our database. We'll send you a status report to review, and if we don't have a suitable match, we'll source one within 1 week.


You start your Trial period

To assess the proficiency of our freelancers, we suggest starting the project and evaluating their performance within a week. If they meet your standards, you can continue with their services. If not, we can discontinue their involvement without any consequences.


They become part of your team

Once you find the candidate 100% qualified and fit, then we can proceed with the project. Payment will be made to our escrow account. Our Expaat works remotely, should you need them to be onsite, arrangements can be made.


Expaat connects the top 5% of freelancers to clients globally

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