Peter Ayodeji Akinlolu

Chief Technology Officer

Peter Ayodeji Akinlolu is a true luminary in software engineering and technology leadership. With over six years of unwavering dedication and expertise, he has become a driving force in the ever-evolving world of technology. As a seasoned software engineer, Peter Akinlolu has not only demonstrated an exceptional aptitude for developing cutting-edge mobile and web solutions but has also served as a tech coach, guiding and inspiring others to reach their full potential. Ayodeji Akinlolu's contributions have extended beyond the corporate sphere, as they have lent their talents to consultancy projects with prestigious organizations such as the US AID on EWASH initiatives and the World Bank Group on National Urban Water Projects, making a lasting impact on global development. In addition to their consultative prowess, Ayodeji Akinlolu was integral in propelling companies to unprecedented heights. Their innovative solutions led to a staggering $51 million increase in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) for one company and a remarkable $142 thousand boost in revenue for another. Their reliability and consistent track record of success speak volumes about their commitment to excellence. As a former Chief Technology Officer of a leading African software company, an Engineering Manager at esteemed institutions like Decagon Institute in both Texas and Nigeria and a Senior Engineer in a rapidly growing banking and insurance enterprise, Mr. Akinlolu has left an indelible mark across a spectrum of industries, from finance to healthcare, transport to mining, e-commerce to product development. Their extensive skill set, encompassing software architecture, design, AGILE, Scrum, team and time management, presentation skills, and conflict resolution, showcases a rare blend of technical prowess and interpersonal finesse. Ayodeji Akinlolu is not just an expert in various technology stacks, including frontend, backend, DevOps, software architecture, and cloud administration; they are a true maestro in software engineering. Outside the confines of the tech world, Ayodeji Akinlolu indulges in a world of music, travel, literature, gaming, and the enchanting melodies of the piano. This reveals a multifaceted individual who appreciates the beauty and creativity that life has to offer. In the spirit of Peter Ayodeji Akinlolu's unwavering determination and belief that any task or goal can be achieved, he is a testament to the limitless possibilities that await those who are driven, dedicated, and passionate about their craft.

Peter Ayodeji Akinlolu

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