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How To Proofread Your Resume In 10 Minutes Or Less: Beginners Guide

how to proofread resume

How to Proofread a Resume

  • How Many Times Should You Proofread

  • Your Font

  • Too Many Pages

  • Spellcheck

  • Clichés

  • The Formatting Looks Weird

  • Avoid Flaws That Show a Lack of Attention to Detail

  • Ask a Recruiter to look at Your Resume.


Let’s face it: You’re busy and want to spend time doing things important to your career, not spending hours on one task like proofreading your resume!


That’s why it’s important to understand that any effort you put into proofreading your resume will be worth it. The better your resume looks, the more likely you’ll land an interview which could lead to the job offer you’ve been waiting for!


How Many Times Should You Proofread

After you’ve put together your resume, it’s time to proofread it. This is crucial. What does a resume contain? A resume is a document that outlines all of your work experience and qualifications for a specific position. It should include employment history, educational background, skills, and professional certifications. Proofreading includes:


  • Formatting changes.

  • correcting spelling mistakes and typos.

  • Checking word count.

  • Reviewing headings for consistency.

  • Make sure you haven’t included information that shouldn’t be there.


Anything that can make your resume better. So how many times should you proofread your resume? There is no right answer, but I recommend trying it once before submitting it. 


One of my favourite tips when proofreading is if there’s one typo that stands out to you, make a note so you can catch it next time!


Your Font

Fonts can be very distracting and make it difficult for employers to read. Keep your fonts simple and readable using a standard font like Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri. 


Pick something that you can easily read as well. If you’re using a colour other than black, make sure it’s not too bright. Employers might assume your resume is unprofessional if they can’t read it!


Too Many Pages

A resume is a document that summarises your qualifications, skills, and experience and can be used as a reference during an interview. A resume should not be too long, but it must contain enough information so employers can decide whether you are qualified for the position you are applying for. 



It’s important to proofread before sending your resume to a potential employer. Even if you’re applying for a lower-level position, you should still ensure that your resume is error-free. 


Many online grammar checkers are available to help catch errors you might have missed, and it won’t take long to fix them.



When it comes to resumes, you may well be thinking of the first words that come to mind when writing. A resume is a document that summarises your education, work experience and skills.


It is typically the first impression an employer will have of you, so it’s important to make a good one. What information should you leave off? Keep this in mind. Not everything belongs on your resume! Some information can hurt your chances of getting hired if included.


For example, some companies may refuse to hire someone unemployed for too long because they’re not motivated enough. If this applies to you, omit this information from your resume altogether.


The Formatting Looks Weird

It’s a good idea to proofread your resume after typing it. Many people skip this step and then find out later that their formatting is weird. If you want your resume to look professional, you must take the time to proofread it before submitting it. 


What should be included in “Additional information”: Sometimes, what looks like an error on your resume might be information that doesn’t belong in the additional information area. 


What should not be included: Dates of employment and salary history are usually not included in resumes unless they’re specifically asked for by a hiring manager (in which case you will include them). 


Avoid Flaws That Show a Lack of Attention to Detail

You want to avoid typos, broken links, and flaws that lack attention to detail. These things can be hard to spot when you’re going through your resume for mistakes. 


You must take your time and look closely before submitting it. Proofreading is not just about making sure there are no errors. It’s also about ensuring your content conveys what you want.


Recruiter Review

A great way to ensure your resume is error-free is to ask a recruiter to look at your resume. Recruiters see resumes all day long and know what to look for when it comes to mistakes.


A good recruiter will have much industry knowledge to help you tweak your resume to fit the job better.

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