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Best Email Marketing Practices That Get Results

email marketing best practices

Best Email Marketing Practices That Drive Leads

  • Use Confirmed Opt-in

  • Don’t Hire Or Purchase Contact Lists

  • Avoid Having To Use ‘No-reply’ In The Sender’s Email Address.

  • Stick To At Most Three Typefaces

  • Clean Your Mailing List Periodically

  • Keep The Key Point And Call To Action Marked.

  • Make The Email’s Salutation Unique

  • Keep Your Email Width

  • Split-test Various Calls To Action And Topic Lines.

  • Embrace Your Logo

  • Make Unsubscribing As Simple As Possible

  • Plan And Create A Schedule


Email marketing is still a fantastic tool to produce leads and convert more prospects for your organization, despite receiving less attention than other newer marketing channels.


There are numerous benefits to email marketing that will assist you in building audiences that are eager to become loyal customers. 


We’ll review some high-quality practices to help you get started with email marketing. 


Best of all, these tactics are designed to promote a loyal email subscriber base so you can use your emails to enhance long-term relationships with long-term customers. 


In light of that, I want to share some best email marketing practices you can use to spawn more leads for your business.

Use Confirmed Opt-in

When discussing effective email methods, we frequently propose that email list quality precedes the number.

However, we observe many marketers that would prefer to use confirmed opt-in.

There could be a link between double opt-in usage by industry and average email marketing performance by industry.

Industries that use confirmed opt-in more frequently outperform those that do not.

The same is true for countries with stricter limitations, such as Germany or all of Europe.

At the very least, it will increase your deliverability, which is a huge victory.

They do better than in locations where marketers are not required to pay as close attention to how and who subscribes to their email list.

The advantages of double opt-in are discussed in this article. Why not give it a try?


Don’t Hire Or Purchase Contact Lists

This first hint should arise as no shock, but as specified by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it bears repeating. 

Email campaigns are contingent on a vigorous open rate.

If you’re communicating with people whose information you bought rather than received from an earlier interaction, you’ll rapidly see your emails’ performance fall. 

The GDPR also entails each European recipient’s consent afore you reach out to them, and bought email lists commonly do not originate with that consent.

 Avoid Having To Use ‘No-reply’ In The Sender’s Email Address

Have you overheard of CAN-SPAM? This long-lasting legislation is a widespread and significant guideline for all email marketers in the U.S.

One key rule in CAN-SPAM is to at no time use the words “no reply” or a similar expression as your email sender’s designation (For instance, “noreply@yourcompany.com”).” 

No reply” in an email message averts recipients from replying and even opting out of more emails, which CAN-SPAM guards their right to do so at any given period.

Make your automatic emails come from a first name instead (for instance, Jamie@mycompany.com). 

Your clienteles are much more likely to open emails if they know a human inscribed them, and it keeps you compliant with email regulations.

Stick To Fewer Than Three Typefaces

You’ll get more conversions with less untidiness in your email. 

Make sure to jumble up your email with only two typefaces or font types, as that can confuse readers and ruin your email’s visual entreaty. 

Furthermore, you ought to use fonts with sizes between 10-point and 12-point. 

You can ensure that your email will be readable by all readers and on various devices.


Clean Your Mailing List Periodically

Some of your email associates might not opt-out of your email promotion but will not once open your emails. 

It’s alluring to email as many persons as possible to range more prospects, but keeping your least-engaged receivers on your mailing list can exterminate your open rate.

People who, on no occasion, open emails make your campaign look shoddier since you need to examine the campaign’s excellence in contradiction of your most faithful recipients. 

Evaluate your list of subscribers who haven’t been involved with your emails over a definite period, and eradicate them steadily. 

This gives you a more precise email open rate and retains your email campaign unsoiled of the people who are no longer engrossed in hearing from you. 

You may also set up a routine that automatically adds them to a less frequent email list based on action.

For instance, say you have a daily newsletter. 

Set up a routine where subscribers are switched to the weekly email if they wait to open your email for two consecutive weeks.

At that point, those subscribers could be moved to the prearranged newsletter if they don’t open four repeated emails. And so on.

It keeps you from bombarding your subscribers with emails they’re not fascinated with while keeping your email list clean.


Main Message And Call-to-action Above

Above the fold, please talk about the info that’s evident to the reader before they scroll down. 

Even though current research proposes that consumers scroll more than they usually do because of social media and upright timelines overhead, the fold content still becomes the one given the most attention.

An eye-tracking study from Neilsen Norman Group discovered that consumers devote 57% of their viewing time to above-the-fold content.

That figure goes down to 17% of the second screen full and steadily reduces as they scroll. With this in mind, put your CTA and message above the fold. 

It’s the first and foremost thing your recipients will see when they open your email, thus increasing your conversion ratio.

To validate the theory and determine whether it applies to your emails, you can also do an A/B test first.

Personalize The Email Greeting

How habitually do you read emails that begin, “Dear Member”? 

You might section your email audiences by the kind of customer they are (subscriber, user, member, etc.).

Nevertheless, it should be different from the first thing recipients comprehend in your company messages.

Personalizing the welcoming of your emails with your contacts’ first names clutches the responsiveness of each reader straight away. 

For HubSpot users, this is termed a personalization token

Many email marketing tools nowadays permit you to construct the welcoming of your email campaign so that it spontaneously sends the name of the people on your contact list. 

Hence, everybody gets an individual version of the matching message.


Keep Your Email Width

If your email pattern is broader than 650 pixels, your email won’t display properly and will necessitate users to scroll horizontally to read the complete email. 

This is a pain, to say the slightest, and will affect your conversion. 

Having your pattern fit inside the typical format will make for easier readability, improved conversions, and enhanced user familiarity.


Put Your Title Lines And Calls To Action To The Test

Two things could be wrong if you’re struggling to raise your emails’ open and click-through rates:

It would be best if you mailed the exact people (are you purchasing your contact list? 

See the first tip at the top of this post), or the content needs to be enhanced.

To begin, concentrate on the latter, and go on by conducting an A/B test.

 A/B tests can increase virtually any of your digital marketing content.

In an email, this test separates your recipients into two groups: While Group B receives the newsletter with a certain variance, Group A receives the regular newsletter.

This deviation tests to see if your audience is more or less likely to take action built on that element. 

HubSpot Marketing Hub users can use email A/B tests on whatever, from the subject line to the call-to-action (CTA).

For instance, switch your CTA’s colour from red to green to observe whether your email’s click-through rate rises. 

If it does, the test specifies that you should alter your emails’ CTA hue to green from there henceforth.


Include Your Logo

Logos are a necessity when it comes to emails. 

A 2019 Red Sift and Entrust study discovered that logos influence email rendezvous and brand recall. 

Brand recall improved by 18% after a five-second experience when including a logo in the email. 

Purchase likelihood also increased by an enormous 34% in emails with logos contained within. 

With this in mind, add your business logo to your email design to confirm that it’s always built-in.

Make Unsubscribing As Simple As Possible

As an email marketer, one of your key goals is to grow your email list.

 While you’re spending a lot of time and money convincing people to sign up for your emails, keep in mind that they may unsubscribe at some point.

There may be several causes for this. 

They may, for example, no longer be able to use your services because they have relocated. 

Or they have previously purchased something similar somewhere. 

Whatever the reason, it’s foolish to retain a grudge and keep them on your list.

By making the unsubscribe procedure complicated, you risk the following outcomes: 

They will either ignore your emails or transfer them to a folder they never are viewed. Or they will report your emails as spam.

These impacts result in poor deliverability and a reduced return on investment for your email marketing operations.

So simplify the unsubscribe process as much as feasible.

Plan And Create A Schedule

You should commit to a regular time if you send your readers a newsletter regularly—monthly, weekly, or even daily, but that’s a bit much.

The content can be prepared before, they will know when to expect it in their mailbox, and everyone is happy. 

We are all creatures of habit.


Final Thoughts

There are a lot of new tools at a marketer’s disposal that are getting responsive these days. 

But email marketing has erected at the test of time concerning its influence on your customers. 

This longstanding, dependable, and authentic strategy can guarantee you get the utmost out of your marketing campaign.

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Keep winning. Cheers.

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