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Article And Essay Writing Is There A Distinction Here

essay and article difference

Essay and Article difference

  • What is an article

  • What is an essay

  • When should you write an article instead of an essay

There are many similarities between an essay and an article. They’re both persuasive writing pieces and can be used to inform or entertain an audience.


Both essays and articles have their particular purpose and using one when you need the other could damage your credibility or message. To ensure you use the right style, you should know what makes these two styles different.

What is an article

An article is technically defined as something that has been cut or separated from another object. In a literary sense, an article is a short work that appears in a magazine or newspaper.

If you go to any major news source, there’s a good chance you’ll find one of these published there. Most articles are 500–1500 words long and try to teach readers about a topic or give them information about a trend in a certain area. 

They can also be used as research tools for longer pieces of work. While writing articles can be a fun way to hone your writing skills, it’s important not to confuse them with essays—especially if you want to publish your work online. 

This is because essays are longer and more complex than articles, so they take more time, planning, and resources to write.

What is an essay

An essay is a form of academic writing that covers one main idea in depth. The content can be about any subject, but it must have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. It’s usually done in the first person or third person. 

An essay’s length will vary depending on its complexity, but it generally falls between two to five pages long, with an average of four to five paragraphs per page. Most essays take anywhere from one day to several weeks to complete. 

Because coming up with good essay topics is hard, some students may need more time than others. However, most students should be able to write their essays within a week. 

Although essays are similar in structure, some key differences exist between them and articles. Articles are typically shorter than essays (1500 words vs 3+ pages). They also tend to focus on giving information rather than analyzing something as deeply as they would in an essay.

When should you write an article instead of an essay

When you need to write a quick summary of an existing idea, article writing is probably what you should be doing. When you aim to introduce an idea in an accessible way that makes it easy for readers to understand, you should use an article instead of essay writing.

It’s also important to think about whether you need to share your thoughts with others or not. If you are expressing yourself, then essay writing is appropriate. 

However, if you aim to communicate with others—whether they are experts in your field or people who don’t know much about it—then you should choose an article over essay writing. This helps ensure that everyone can read and understand what you have written.

Final thoughts on articles vs essays

A key difference between articles and essays is that essays are much more academic. While articles are meant to be entertaining, essays are meant to educate. 

Additionally, while articles tend to be short—typically around 1,500 words—essays can run much longer. But do you know what they both have in common? They’re both important! Writing can take on many forms, but it’s always good practice to build your skillset when crafting compelling content for all your readers.

This means writing long-form (essays) and shorter posts (articles). You never know who you might reach with either type of writing! And don’t forget: Regardless of how you choose to write, a great title goes a long way towards grabbing someone’s attention.

How will you put what you’ve learned into practice now that we’ve examined these two writing styles more thoroughly? Are there any distinctions between essays and articles that we missed? Tell us in the comments section below!

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