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Academic Writing: 7 Tips To Become A Great Writer Instantly

improve academic writing

Improve academic writing

1) Write often

2) Practice makes perfect

3) Read widely

4) Learn grammar through reading

5) Use Grammarly

6) Watch your word choice

7) Get feedback on everything

Writing well is an important skill that everyone should have, but it’s also a skill that not everyone has mastered. For students, academic writing can seem like an impossible challenge when you’re not sure where to start or how to improve your skills that’s why it’s important to know these seven tips to become a better writer.

Write often

If you want to improve your writing skills, it is important to write often. No matter what genre you write in or how much time you spend reading and analysing other works, if you never sit down and try to create your piece of writing, your skills will never improve. Once you’ve written something (anything), edit it for grammatical errors and reread it out loud to catch things that might be hard to spot when reading silently. 

Please make a note of any problems and use them as an opportunity to improve on your next draft. For example, you might need to work on the flow of your sentences or maybe work on choosing more precise words in certain cases.

This will improve your vocabulary, grammar, style, and structure. After a little practice, you’ll find that composing an essay becomes easier than ever before.

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect! The key to improving your academic writing skills is in the actual practice of it. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or just starting. Practising your writing will help you become better at the craft.

Read widely

With a greater understanding of academic writing styles, you’ll better understand what is expected from you when writing your next paper. 

Reading as many essays and academic pieces as possible will help you understand how to write in any style. Please pick up a textbook on grammar and study it for at least one hour every day for five days.

You’ll be able to create great pieces yourself with this knowledge.

Learn grammar through reading

Your English grammar is important if you want to be taken seriously by your reader. Start by analysing the academic writing style in use and follow it. 

Make sure you can do this before attempting other writing styles, as it can be difficult to switch from one style to another without proofreading first. Second, have someone else edit your work for mistakes in grammar and spelling. This way, you don’t come off as unprofessional.

Use Grammarly

Use Grammarly’s free writing-enhancement features on your computer or via the browser extension. The free version of Grammarly includes proofreading, plagiarism detection, and sentence structure suggestions, and it can even be used for Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and personal emails. 

To avoid looking like a complete novice when you write academic essays, make sure you read some others’ work. Study up on all those different academic essay styles like MLA style and APA style.

Watch your word choice

Writing academic essays can be quite challenging. So, it’s always best to write using an academic writing style and improve your skills to excel at it. 

Academic writing is much different than any other type of writing as you must understand a topic and evaluate and analyse the available data before making an educated decision. 

Get feedback on everything

Get feedback on everything from others and improve your writing. You might think this makes you vulnerable, but it can help you greatly. The more you know about what others think, the better prepared you will be for writing essays in your academic career.

Find people willing to read through your essay drafts and provide constructive criticism as they go along. They should also be able to highlight any points that need improvement, grammar mistakes or other errors you may have missed out on yourself. It is vital that these people are reliable and always truthful when providing feedback; nobody wants anyone sugarcoating their work for them!


In this article will covered the key element to successfully writing a great academic paper. I hope these seven tips on improving your academic writing skills have helped you see that there are some simple steps to help increase your ability to be successful. 

The last thing I want to mention is that even when mistakes happen, they don’t have to discourage you from becoming a better writer. Mistakes can be opportunities for growth and development!

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