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9 Persuasive Writing Techniques To Make Your Paper Stand Out

Persuasive Techniques in Writing

Persuasive Techniques in Writing

Persuasive Essay Meaning

The Purpose Of Persuasion In Writing

The 9 Persuasive Writing Techniques

  • Use Active Verbs

  • Make Use Of Rhetorical Questions

  • Use Parallel Structure

  • Appeal To Emotion

  • Use Credible Sources

  • Simplify

  • Use C And S Language

  • Paper Organization

  • Finish Strongly

To make your writing stand out from the crowd, you must learn to use persuasive techniques in writing.


This may seem intimidating initially, but breaking it down is not that difficult; once you’ve mastered it, using these techniques will become second nature. This guide will teach you exactly what persuasive techniques are and how to use them properly in your work!

Persuasive Essay Meaning

Persuasive writing is often considered a form of argumentative writing. It is a form of communication to sway the reader’s opinion in favour of a particular viewpoint. A particular viewpoint. To do this, the persuasive writer typically uses logical reasoning and factual evidence.

For example, let’s say you are writing an essay on why college tuition should be lowered. You would state your opinion on the topic and provide concrete evidence (statistics or other facts) to support your argument. 

The persuasive writer may use emotional appeals, rhetorical devices, metaphors and persuasive language. 

The Purpose Of Persuasion In Writing

The goal of written persuasion is to persuade readers of the validity of your argument. You’ll have to get them on board with your idea and make them believe it’s worth their time. Some of the best persuasive writers include Dale Carnegie and Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Carnegie knew how to find common ground among people and spoke from a position of power, while Hawthorne used fear to show his readers that if they didn’t change their ways, they would also suffer a terrible fate. These are just two examples of persuasive essay icons out of many.

The 9 Persuasive Writing Techniques

Persuasive writing techniques are what will make your paper stand out. So how does one go about creating persuasive arguments? Here are nine persuasive writing techniques that will make your paper stand out! You can choose one or use all nine for a great persuasive essay. 

Use Active Verbs

When writing to persuade, use strong, active verbs that evoke emotion and compel readers to take action: Persuasive writers know how to use their words strategically and passionately, so they can change hearts and minds.

For example, a persuasive writer might say I love you with two meanings – one meaning they want to be friends, and the other meaning they want to date the reader. 

It’s important to recognize the difference between persuasive writing vs persuasion because these two things are different.

A persuasive argument is when someone is trying to change people’s opinions on something. The persuasive writer tries to get people to act on an idea by showing them why it is beneficial and desirable. 

One of the most powerful persuasive writing techniques is knowing when not to write at all. Sometimes being silent can be more persuasive than anything else, especially if there are many negative arguments against an idea floating around in society.

Make Use Of Rhetorical Questions

Rhetorical questions can be a powerful, persuasive writing technique. It’s the question designed to make the reader think and feel, If you found yourself in my position, what would you do? Or How far would you go for your family? 

These questions are very effective because they’re often difficult to answer. If someone has to think about an answer, they’ll likely get emotionally invested in the topic. 

Sometimes it’s best to leave the rhetorical question unanswered, which will help readers focus on your point without getting distracted by what they might do in your situation. You don’t want them thinking: What would I do?; How am I supposed to know?; or I have no idea.

Use Parallel Structure

A persuasive essay is about convincing the reader to adopt a certain opinion. One method of doing this is using the parallel structure technique in your paper. Parallel structure is when you use synonyms or similar words in a sentence, paragraph, or section of your paper.

It’s a persuasive writing technique because it’s organized and more easily understood by the reader. Writers can also use parallels for rhetorical devices such as analogy and metaphor: This dress reminds me of spring because both are colourful. 

He was persuasive because he made an argument I agreed with. Writing persuasive essays on topics you enjoy discussing would be best, so engaging with the subject is easier. The goal of persuasive writing is to convince readers who have different points of view from your own.

Appeal To Emotion

Persuasive writing is about making an emotional connection with your reader; there are many ways to accomplish this. However, one of the most effective persuasive techniques is to appeal to emotion. 

We don’t just experience our emotions-we but also empathize with others. If you can tap into that empathy and make your reader feel something, they will be more likely to share your perspective and agree with what you have written. 

Use Credible Sources

As you begin to write your persuasive paper, it is essential to consider your audience. If you are targeting a certain demographic, use credible sources to persuade them.

For instance, if you’re writing a paper about the benefits of video games for kids and teens, try using statistics from sources such as the American Academy of Pediatrics or Pew Research Center. This will give your paper more credibility and make your argument stronger.


Use simple words or phrases. Remember, we are writing to persuade people. They don’t need to be wowed by our vocabulary. They need to be convinced of our argument. 

When you write a persuasive essay, more is needed to state your opinion and provide some evidence. You must take a stand on an issue and make your point in a clear way that will convince the reader of your point of view. 

Some writers try too hard to sound smart and fail in this attempt because their points seem abstract or confusing. Resist the temptation to use fancy wordings when simpler ones will do the job more effectively.

Use C And S Language

There are a variety of persuasive writing techniques that will help you make your paper better. One important technique is concreteness. When we write, we often use words with general meanings and abstract concepts, which leads to clarity and effective communication.

When you want to persuade someone, using concrete language that directly targets the person or group reading your essay is best. Using specific and vivid details helps readers imagine what they’re reading while they read it, increasing the likelihood your argument convinces them.

Paper Organization

Organize your paper logically by starting with a strong introduction and conclusion. The introduction should include the topic’s historical context and your thesis statement, which is the main point you are trying to make. 

The conclusion should summarize everything that was discussed in the paper and what your main points were. Use persuasive writing techniques throughout the paper to get your point across.

Finish Strongly

The conclusion is the last thing people read, so make it count. It’s where you summarise your argument, reiterate the main points and offer a call to action. 

Here are some persuasive writing techniques for a strong conclusion:

1. Acknowledge that not everyone will agree with you by using words like some people might say or others might disagree. This will help diffuse any tension before it starts. 

2. End on an uplifting note; use words like hope, unity and togetherness to inspire readers to act. 

3. Offer a plan of action; give them something specific they can do now that will move things in the direction you want them to, such as signing this petition or donating here. 

4. Avoid having too much text in the final sentence; try combining two sentences into one sentence instead of making three sentences at the end of your essay. 

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