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8 Online Editing and Proofreading Jobs That are Perfect for Working from Home

legitimate proofreading jobs online

Legitimate jobs in editing and proofreading

1) Contributor to Wikipedia

2) Author on Medium

3) Editor of Academic Papers

4) TaskRabbit Work Remotely

5) Online English Tutor

6) Sub-editor for newspapers

7) Speech Writer/ Translator

8) Mini ebooks with InstaStories

You don’t have to work in an office to get real editing and proofreading job, and you don’t have to have face-to-face interactions with your boss or coworkers either. 


Many online editing jobs let you work at home and get paid on an independent contractor basis, so you’re not even accountable to the same employer if you find your work isn’t meeting expectations. 


These eight online editing and proofreading jobs are perfect for working from home.

Contributor to Wikipedia

Editing an encyclopedia is one of the most popular editing jobs online. You can find a list of Wikipedia’s most wanted articles on their website. It is also a good research paper.


The knowledge you gain about Wikipedia is great research, not just because it will be incorporated into your paper, but because it will give you insight into how information is collected and presented. 


Researching articles will teach you valuable information about what makes a good research paper and how much effort goes into compiling it.


Author on Medium

Medium is a publishing platform ideal for bloggers or professionals who want to share their ideas with the world.


There are no restrictions on what you can publish, so you’ll find articles on everything from business to art, tech to fashion, food to travel. Articles can be written as posts or as a Story. Posts go live immediately and stay on Medium indefinitely, while Stories expire after 24 hours.


When you sign up for Medium, your profile is created automatically. You have to add a name and photo before creating your first post! When writing posts, it’s helpful to think about how they will appear in search results because readers may come across them through Google searches.


You can share stories through social media. Think about what you want your posts to communicate, and ensure you follow Medium’s best practices. If you have images or videos that will help tell your story, upload them ahead of time to make things easier. 


You can now generate income through advertisements or promotions; Once again, ensure you follow Medium’s best practices and guidelines.


Editor of Academic Papers

If you’re looking for a way to make money, editing academic papers is an excellent opportunity. As an editor, you will ensure the paper follows guidelines, correcting grammar mistakes and improving the flow of ideas.


The best part is that many companies offer remote jobs, which means you can work from home! One company worth mentioning is Expaat


They are a leading provider of professional writing services, including editing and proofreading.


TaskRabbit Work Remotely

TaskRabbit Work Remotely is a great service that connects you with people who need your help. You can get paid to work on any number of tasks, and it’s easy to find work that fits your schedule. 


Some examples include assisting with projects like furniture assembly or dog walking, but there are also web development and design opportunities. 


Check out these online editing jobs if you’re interested in this work! 

They pay between $25-45 an hour and allow remote access, meaning they’ll let you edit documents anywhere. They also offer competitive rates on transcription services!


Online English Tutor

An online English tutor is someone who teaches English as a second language through video chat, online chat, email, or other means. The ability to teach English online makes this a great job opportunity for people who would like to work at home, especially if they have a background in education. 


You can set your hours and decide how much you want to make. It’s also a very flexible position that allows you to live anywhere in the world while working. One of the best things about being an online tutor is that it can often lead to teaching opportunities on campus, where the pay is significantly better!


Sub-editor for newspapers

There are a lot of people who work as sub-editors for newspapers. They will find mistakes in articles that journalists have written, make changes to the layout, and often write headlines for articles. 


Sub-editors can work from home or in a typically very detail oriented and requires strong grammar skills. The hours vary depending on where they work, but generally, sub-editors need to be available during normal business hours Monday through Friday.


The pay ranges from $25,000 to $50,000 annually, depending on where they work.


Speech Writer/ Translator

Speech Writer/Translator: Writing speeches, press releases, public service announcements or other text-based communications. Speech writers may work in various industries, including advertising, politics, entertainment or public relations.


Translators convert written material into another language. The translator’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the translated version has the same meaning as the original content with cultural relevance.


Translators need a mastery of at least two languages their native language, which they use to write up the English copy, and English itself as well as excellent writing skills.


Mini ebooks with InstaStories

If you’re looking for more ways to make money with your Instagram, InstaStories is a great place to start. 


With just one photo, you can create an entire story that tells a captivating story with text, video and images.


If you have an idea of what’s happening in the picture or want to share a quick tip about something, there is plenty of space to do so.



The best part about these jobs is that you can work as much or as little as you want, depending on your availability. If you have the skills and a computer, there’s a job waiting for you!


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