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10 Powerful Marketing Strategies: Explode Business Growth

types of marketing strategy

Types of Marketing Strategic Plans


What is Marketing

What is a marketing strategy?

1) Traditional Advertising

2) Public Relations

3) Internet Marketing

4) Email Marketing

5) Content Marketing

6) Social Media Marketing

7) Search Engine Optimization

8) Pay-Per-Click Advertising

9) Affiliate Marketing

10) Native Advertising

How do you market your business effectively? Do you find that you’re pushing more and more money into marketing and advertising while seeing fewer and fewer results? If so, let’s switch up your strategy. 


With so many different strategies, the good news is that you can find one that works well for your business. Keep reading to learn about 10 of the most effective strategies and when to use each one!


Marketing is how a business gets its products or services known to potential consumers. A marketing strategy is a plan for how a company will achieve these goals.

Marketing strategies typically include advertising, public relations, sales promotions, and trade shows. The marketing strategy template can help companies identify their customers’ needs and want so they can focus on the most effective ways to market their products or services.

What is a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy is a plan to promote a product or service. Every business needs a marketing strategy to grow and be successful. 

There are many marketing strategies, but two key types are the 4 P’s: Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. Let’s look at the four P’s and see how they can help you with your marketing strategy. Place – You need to know where you want to sell your products.

You have to decide if it will be online or in-store. If you decide your product should be sold online, you will need an internet marketing strategy. Internet marketing may include things like Google AdWords and Facebook ads. 

Promotion: Your promotion strategy could involve social media advertising on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat because this is where people are spending their time nowadays(more on this later).

1) Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising has always been the most popular form of marketing. It is an excellent way to get your company in front of a large audience.

Traditional advertising is generally done through television and radio commercials, newspaper ads, and posters in public places. Generally speaking, producing and distributing these ads is costly, so you need to be very selective on where you want your money spent.

Effective marketing management is the secret to a profitable advertising campaign.

2) Public Relations

Public relations is a marketing strategy that can be used to promote your business. PR is often an overlooked aspect of marketing. Still, it’s important to include it because it helps you maintain a positive image in the eyes of your customers, attract new ones, and increase sales.

You can use PR for marketing your company in many ways, including press releases, advertising, and event sponsorship. Another way to create PR for your company is by using social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. 

For example, if you recently received a prestigious award for excellence in your industry, consider posting about it on these sites so people will see it and share it with friends.

3) Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a marketing strategy that uses the internet and related technologies to drive consumer traffic to a company’s website. Effective online marketing includes developing a website, blogging, search engine optimization (SEO), email campaigns, social media marketing, and conversion rate optimization. 

The following tips can help you get started: 

1. You need an effective business plan before implementing any specific strategies. 

2. Identify customer needs or wants, then create marketing plans that address those needs or wants with solutions to them in mind. Remember this throughout all stages of your planning process: strategy should come from the point of view other than just your own! 

3. After identifying consumer needs or wants, conduct market research to identify potential customers. Market research will provide insight into what consumers are looking for in products/services, who they are, and where they’re located geographically. 

4. Offer diverse products/services so that consumers have different options when deciding what they want to purchase. 

5. Use a marketing strategy template to ensure your marketing plan has details about how it will be executed; you want to save time creating it only to find out later that it doesn’t work. 

6. Market management can be used for planning purposes by creating targets for how much money should be spent and allocated during each cycle phase, which usually lasts 12 months. 

4) Email Marketing

Email marketing is Internet marketing that sends electronic newsletters to customers. It helps you stay in touch with your customers and gives them a way to choose what information they want from you.

This strategy is particularly useful for businesses with time-sensitive products or services, such as restaurants or travel agencies. Another great example of email marketing is sending notifications when an inventory update occurs. 

When the customer has reached the end of the line, it’s a good business practice to let them know so they can reorder before they run out!

5) Content Marketing

“Content marketing” is a marketing strategy in which businesses create and distribute relevant and valuable content to attract customers. Ultimately, you want to encourage profitable customer activity while targeting a clearly defined audience.

Content marketing aims to create an enduring connection with your target audience. As such, it can be one of the most efficient strategies for expanding your business. 

Numerous formats, including blog posts, eBooks, infographics, how-to videos or white papers, are all designed to inform and educate people about what you have to offer them. 

More importantly, content marketing helps establish you as the leader in your industry.

6) Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an efficient way to reach out to your existing customers and find new ones. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are examples of social media platforms. Allow consumers to interact with your company in real-time.

A strategy that would work best for the type of company you are trying to promote should be implemented. For example, if you are a clothing store, social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram would help because they allow users to post images and tag companies in them.

7) Search Engine Optimization

It is no secret that Internet marketing is necessary for any growing business. It has been proven repeatedly that you will draw in customers if you have a solid online presence. 

Using keywords throughout the pages is one way to optimize your site for search engines.

These keywords should be used in the titles, meta descriptions, headings, and content on each page of your site. You can find out what keywords people are typing into search engines with Google’s Keyword Tool. 

Utilize tools such as Google Analytics or Webmaster Tools to track the traffic coming from various sources, including websites, referrals, and ads. Another PRO tip: utilizing internet marketing through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

8) Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Paid search advertising is a popular marketing strategy in the digital world. It allows businesses to display ads on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. This type of advertising can be cost-effective for many companies, as it does not require a large upfront investment. 

There are two types of paid search advertising: traditional and keyword-based. Traditional paid search advertising lets you pay for your ad to appear whenever a user looks for a topic about your product or service.

On the other hand, keyword-based paid search advertising means that you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. You should consider which one would work best for your company depending on what type of industry you’re in.

9) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is Internet marketing that encourages web users to click on links that will lead them to a specific merchant’s website. In return, the affiliate receives a commission for each sale made. The two most popular types are performance-based and cost-per-sale (CPS).

Performance-based affiliates get paid when a visitor fills out a form or clicks on an advertisement. Cost-per-sale affiliates get paid when someone buys something at the site they are promoting. 

They don’t care if the person bought because of their promotion. They want to ensure they’re getting paid when someone completes a purchase. If you’re looking to diversify your income stream with this strategy, start by researching existing products offered by companies in your industry before selecting one to promote.

10) Native Advertising

Native advertising can be a powerful and effective approach to expanding your company, particularly if you can pinpoint customer wants. 

The best thing about native advertisements is that they are more cost-effective than traditional advertising techniques because they promote the product in an organic, less intrusive manner. 

One key point of Native Advertising is ensuring that the ad content aligns with your target audience’s desires. For example, if your target audience likes to read blogs on spirituality, then a relevant ad would promote meditation sessions in their area. 

It is also important to avoid getting carried away with irrelevant content because it aligns with consumers’ wants; make sure to distinguish what they want from what they need!

We have shared ten marketing strategies that will fuel and explode the growth of your business. We sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed reading them and have learned something.

Do you know of any other marketing tactics that aren’t on this list that have been successful for companies? Tell us in the comments area below if the answer is YES.

Also, if your friends and coworkers benefit from reading this piece, please share it with them.

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